The Ultimate Staking dApp for Defi Trading.

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Bringing a powerful, rewarding experience for stakers.

Etherice is the definitive profit based staking platform in the defi space, presenting a wide array of profit-centric features to suit your trading style - with maximum rewards given to our stakers.

How it Works.


Purchase ETR tokens with ETH in auctions simply on our dApp.


Stake ETR tokens for a fixed amount of time to accumulate ETH dividends.


Claim maximum profits once staking is over, or sell / loan early for profit.


See it in Action

Purpose Built for Profit.

Our Features

Read in-depth on our GitBook


The Lottery Explained


Etherice has an expertly crafted logarithmic minting system, with varied taxations that feed into our rewards.

On launch, 3 million tokens are minted for auction. Each day after, the previous day's token supply is minted again, minus 3% and put up for the daily auction.


Dividend Tax

4% Development
1% Marketing
1% Buyback & Burn
1% Future Rewards
1% Lottery


Where can I buy my Etherice Tokens?

Head over to the Etherice Dashboard by Launching our App. Inside you will find the ‘Auction’ tab. This will allow you to enter our daily auction and claim your tokens. For a more detailed walkthrough, please refer to the ‘Auctions’ section of our GitBook.

How do I stake my tokens?

Once you have claimed your tokens from the ‘Auction’ tab within our App, you can head over to the ‘Staking’ page, select how many tokens you wish to stake as well as your staking duration and start earning Dividends. For a more detailed walkthrough, please refer to the ‘Staking’ section of our GitBook.

How do I profit from buying Etherice Tokens?

Once your tokens are staked they will start accumulating dividends. The dividends you will receive come from the Auction Lobby contributions and will keep accumulating for as long as you are staking. You can withdraw your accumulated dividends when your stake ends. As well as this, you can also sell your Stake early on the Buy & Sell Marketplace, for faster profits. More detailed information of Dividends and the Buy & Sell Marketplace can be found in our GitBook.

How else can I make a profit?

There are numerous ways in which Etherice can bring you profit. As well as the Dividends and selling your Stake, you can Loan ETH to users that are requesting a Loan, this will earn you a profit when the Loan is automatically repaid with interest. There is also our Referral program, which will earn you bonus ETR Tokens when people who have used your referral link buy ETR through our Auction Lobby & Staked their tokens. There is also our Lottery system, rewarding users with the biggest buys with a bonus amount of ETH that accumulated daily. More detailed information on all of these features can be found in our GitBook.

When will I receive my dividends?

Dividends are earned via your stakes. There are many different strategies you can use for your stakes. When a stake ends, all of the dividends are yours to collect!



  • Website Development
  • dApp Development
  • Community Building
  • Testing and deployment of our smart contracts
  • Influencer On-Boarding
  • Bug Testing


  • Community building
  • Etherice Strategery explanations
  • Day 1 token auction
  • Lending system goes live
  • Lottery goes live

The Future

  • Day 14 announcement of the rewards system
  • Expansion of the Etherice ecosystem and network
  • New token pools being added
  • Expansion into other networks